Why choose financing?

Today’s companies are under big pressure because of constant innovations, and need to remain competitive. To meet these needs, a growing number of companies are opting to rent the latest and best IT equipment from telecommunication systems, servers to other IT equipment.

Together with our business partners GRENKE we enable hassle-free procurement of IT equipment.  

Rental of IT equipment is suitable for all forms of legal persons (institutions, schools, public buildings…). Approval in 2 hours up to the amount of 25,000 euros. Without sending balance and no deposit.

The advantages offered by leasing:

  • When you buy IT equipment, it has a life span of 5 years. Leasing enables you to always have modern and competitive equipment.
  • Leased IT equipment can be returned after the lease period and choose a new one or decide for buying it out. By
  • In operational leasing other than the monthly cost of leasing (monthly installment) there are no other costs.
  • Input value added tax (VAT) is not funded in advance, but is charged on a monthly basis.
  • With operational leasing company maintains high liquidity.

Why choose leasing:

  • For purchases above 500€
  • The possibility of repayment from 15 to 60 months
  • Without deposit and advance payment of VAT
  • Monthly annuity does not change and is always the same
  • The decision on the purchase, replacement, refund after the end of the period
  • Financing can be arranged on the same day, approval in 2 hours for amounts up to 25,000 euros
  • Rental of office and medical equipment
  • Call or send mail a request for a free pro forma and informative cost of the lease
  • One-time fee of 0 EUR for approval of the lease for more than 5000 euros
  • Quarterly payment of monthly installment which is 1.5% cheaper compared to the monthly payment.