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Klicni center

Effective and organized customer service

Based on practical experience and customer feedback, we have built an optimal program, adjustable to all needs of a modern call center. Comprehensive support helps your everyday communication with customers. It is an indispensable assistance to all who accept emergency calls, orders, give technical advise and provide information.

Agent application

Computer automatically distributes calls to the free agent, which means that you are much more accessible than you were before. It allows the use of virtual PC phone – softphone, giving you a great saving of time. Agent can initiate a call by a click of a mouse. You can prompty overview actions, scenarios, adresses…

Supervisor application

Allows you to control and overview of all activities of the call center: work of agents, call queues, campaign expiry. It monitors the status of incoming and outgoing calls.

The supervisor can get included in the conversation and take over the call. The following options allow the supervisor to fully define work in call center:

  • Preparation of campaigns for the day
  • Preparation of guided conversations
  • Preparation of attached terms
  • Monitoring vital statistics: missed calls, total calls, average and total talk time, waiting time…

Tips for effective work

Call recording is a powerful educational tool, which is indispensable assistance for the training of your employees. At the same time it is an important record of telephone orders. Statistical reports are a welcome tool for planning the necessary capabilities, invoicing, project monitoring. Workstations at home can significantly reduce the cost of call duty.