Ip telefonija


Flexible and advanced
telefonska centrala voip

IP PBX represents an advanced solution that directs and manages both voice and data communications. It is extremely flexible, and is consistent with almost every network. Managed IP, analogue as well as ISDN telephones, fax machines, POS terminals, IP and other interfaces.

IP PBX offers comprehensive functionality of a mainframe system in a small enviroment as it is suitable for small, medium-sized businesses as well as large companies. Its high flexibility and broad functionality supports the growth of the company and includes the possibility of gradual expansion.

Features of IP PBX:

  • For a small or large number of users,
  • reliable, high quality communication,
  • over 10 simultaneous conversations, conduct a group call,
  • automatic call direction,
  • call recording, IVR voice messages and announcements,
  • a blacklist of unwanted and malicious callers,
  • reduce occupancy,
  • videoconferencing,
  • possible links with Skype telephony,
  • send voice messages received as an attachment to an e-mail address,
  • the schedule for determining working hours,
  • all the necessary statistics, which monitor the effectiveness of communication.

IP PBX can connect to existing databases in the company, CRM systems, Outlook. Switchboard for larger systems also supports ISDN, PSTN, SIP, GSM and other protocols.